Yep, ole Yogi said it best and for those of you who are old and diseased, you remember those wonderful quotes from the "Y" catcher. Sorry, I just can't bring myself to say that "Y" word, but he played for that NY team. Being from Confederate Bloodlines that never surrendered, I still believe we can win the war. In fact the present situations in Washington have just about convinced me that we're close to going back to Gettysburg. Having that kind of bloodline, I just never seem to be convinced that my Dawgs are going to loose.

Now I realize that I'm the only blogger who is predicting an undefeated season and us going to the championship game, wherever they will play that thing this year. That little stupid looking glass football will be coming to Athens and I'm the one who is telling you that right now. We have a thin O-line, but we will remain healthy enough to finish the season without a loss. I know we lost this player and that player, but you have to remember that this is only God seeing if I still have the faith. Being a Baptist Preacher gives me a lot of faith, considering that our little church struggles from week to week to pay off the mortgage.

Nope, it's not about the line or the backfield, it's about the fight in those dogs. I've learned a few lessons in these years of working, first as a school teacher, then serving 21 years in the military before the Lord called me to do His work. I've found that in every battle you just have to get plumb mean. Now I realize that by saying the word "mean", you might say that does not sound like a preacher, but I have to get mean when it comes to that ole devil. You see, I've found out that the devil wants me to get discouraged about my football season coming up. He wants me to give up and get negative, but I'm not going to do that.

Being defeated in the mind is a quick way to being defeated. Naw, I'm certain that my Dawgs will destroy Boise State and then we'll get better and better. I had a dream the other night and in it I saw a mean dog just tearing up everything it could get it's teeth on. Yep, that was all I needed to come out and tell the world that you better not write off the Dawgs just right yet. We're better than you think because we've got some kids that will get mean when that kid from Boise State smacks him in the face and laughs. You see when you're faced with a fight, either you get mean and decide to destroy the enemy, or you let him kick your rear end.

I'm reminded of some battles in the Bible, and you know God's people won a lot of them when they were just plain outnumbered. We may be outnumbered but I still believe that these ole Georgia Boys know how to get mean when it comes to a fight. We're not licked yet. They haven't even kicked off the first ball and already most of what I'm reading is sending Mark packing and writing off the team before they get a chance to play. These boys just may have something to say about all that, so just remember, "it ain't over till it's over".

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