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I am always thinking when I read or watch the news or come across some story that maybe applicable (or interesting) to our blog that I just wish we had a "sticky" as a fan post to post random thoughts, ideas, comments, news bits, so as not to thread jack.  So this is it.   Feel free to throw down your own random thoughts as we go through the slower season in sports.  I have a few talking points after the jump.  Maybe you can just post your 4th of July plans, which are likely better than mine.

So, here are some random thoughts that I came across today:

The NBA is a mess.   I am not sure if this means our two stars leaving this year was good or not.   I hope there is no NBA next year, that will make college ball all the better.  I can't stand the NBA's playoff system.

The NFL is a mess.   I can understand why AJ left, however.  I still wish he didn't.   I hope there is no NFL next year, that will make this one of the greatest college football seasons ever, however, it would lead to massive playoff arguments.   

ESPN did a special on the Pac-10 as it is now the PAC-12  today on their College Football edition that plays several times a week.   It has that Ware guy we can't stand.   They mentioned some history, the awards, NCs, and the all time greatest players.  The first name that came to my mind was OJ Simpson.  They didn't mention OJ Simpson.  I guess he is the guy we can't talk about anymore, even though he is the guy I most remember from the west coast.

I am convinced that we must beat BSU in order to beat USC.  This game was a lose lose to me from the start, but the only way to make it a better situation is to beat the holy tar out of BSU.   I aint hating, and I know many will predict a close game - but we need a UGA vs Hawaii type game.   Stealing eyed gazes and relentless GATA.  Losing the first two games will not be an end all, however, we will need to win 9 other games after that to include UF or it may not be pretty for CMR.

I may talk about this in another post, but I don't believe UGA will ever win an NC if Coach Bobo is on the sidelines. Until we have an OC in the booth, it tells me we are still doing something wrong.

Vineyardawg claims to love soccer.  But he has yet to make a post or comment about the Women's FIFA Cup, which is the one thing in soccer the USA does well.   Is he hating?

I said Bold, do I get paid?  A year's free Nestea?     Post your own random thoughts, or comment on mine!

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