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The Case for the Bulldogs: Why Georgia Boasts One of the Best Athletics Programs in College Sports

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If you frequent SB Nation websites, you doubtless are aware of the conference re-draft project, wherein several network blogs will be serving as conference commissioners and taking part in a mock draft of entire athletics programs for the purpose of building leagues the way NFL general managers build teams; namely, by using a myriad of factors to assess the "value" of a given program.

Though I am sure the originators of this fine idea had only noble motives in mind, the doomsaying conspiracy theorist in me thinks it’s all a convoluted ruse for use in demeaning the Georgia Bulldogs. Accordingly, I am taking this opportunity to launch a pre-emptive strike showing that the Red and Black are, in fact, deserving of being among the first teams taken in the draft. Consider:

In short, Georgia figures prominently in every category that reasonably might be used to assess value. The only area in which the Red and Black are lacking is in their paucity of men’s basketball tradition, but this is an area into which resources and interest are being concentrated. I therefore close essentially with the same plea with which I greeted the advent of the Hot Blogger Bracket; viz.: "Pick us! Pick us!"

We thank you for your time and consideration.

Go ‘Dawgs!