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Gatorfreude Women's College World Series Open Comment Thread

My personal preference, obviously, would be to root for the Georgia Bulldogs to win, but, since no Georgia teams are in action today, my second choice would be to watch the Florida Gators lose, which, in fact, the Sunshine State Saurians did in absolutely spectacular fashion last night.

I am sure there are Orange and Blue partisans who would claim my Gatorfreude is a case of sour grapes. It is not; the Georgia softball team swept Florida during the regular season this year and eliminated the Saurians from last year's Women's College World Series. However, I like seeing Florida lose, and I want the Bulldogs to be the first SEC team to win a Women's College World Series, so I am rooting for the Arizona St. Sun Devils to defeat the Gators in tonight's WCWS finals, which get underway at 8:00 on ESPN2.

Join in the fun, won't you?

Go 'Dawgs!