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Free Form Friday Is Embracing The Contradictions.

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This week's Free Form Music is something that you just won't quite understand but will have no choice but to respect anyhow. Bruce Springsteen and Michael Stipe onstage together covering a Patti Smith tune:

Again, it does not compute, but it does rock. If you're like me you'd also forgotten that Bruce Springsteen, back before he started covering folk tunes, could jam the hell out on the guitar. This is just a friendly reminder.

Speaking of reminders, now's a good time to remember that Boise State got pinched by the NCAA for as innocuous sounding a series of violations as has ever been deemed to exhibit lack of institutional control. Seriously Boise State. If you're going to play with the big boys you're going to have to come stronger than that. $4500 in untoward benefits? Auburn used to hand that out at Jeff Lebo's basketball camps. And that was just to the cafeteria staff. Now, the tennis team is alleged to have allowed someone to compete for them who was not actually enrolled at the university which, to be fair, was pretty much the M.O. of the day in all of college sports until about 1950. Fielding Yost and John Heisman wouldn't have had it any other way. So really Boise State tennis was just being retro-cool in personnel matters. However, the rest of that stuff is solidly blah, and we in Athens applaud your generally ticky-tack law breaking and see a bit of ourselves in you, Broncos. We always knew you were brothers from another bearded mother roasting an elk shank in the front yard.* We'll see you in September, you fellow scofflaws and scoundrels. Bring fluids. Lots of fluids.

On the subject of the upcoming football season, Bill King seems to be scratching his head over Mark Richt's recent statement that Georgia may not recruit a quarterback for the class of 2012. Of course Mark Richt's stated default is to bring in one quarterback a year to maintain a stock of well-seasoned signalcallers at all times. The problem is that some of those well-seasoned signalcallers of the past (Joe Cox, Joe Tereshinksi, III, Blake Barnes) have been suboptimal when called upon, if they were called upon at all.

And right now the Bulldogs are not hurting at the position. Aaron Murray will be around 3 more seasons unless the NFL starts fetishizing 6'0 quarterbacks not named Drew Brees, or he gets abducted by aliens and taken back in time to help construct the pyramids. Hutson Mason will be a true sophomore this season, and Christian Lemay will be a freshman. Redshirt freshman walkon Parker Welch actually looked pretty good during the G-Day game. That's 4 quarterbacks before you consider the fact that thebest high school quarterback in the state of Georgia last year will be playing defensive back in Athens next year. Or that Boise State transfer Mike Tamburo will be eligible for 2012. Seriously, we're good. This is one of those time where following the rule we've established for ourselves makes little or no sense. We have quarterbacks coming out the ears.

Sure, Lemay or Mason might decide to transfer to get out from behind Murray. But bringing in a quarterback this year won't prevent that, and it's unlikely the true. And no quarterback up to our standards is likely to come to Athens until at least after next season because Murray has such a stranglehold on the job. Instead I think the coaches have very shrewdly decided to utilize this year's limited number of scholarships at other positions of greater need, like wide receiver and outside linebacker. We're not in a position to sign more than 20-22 players in this class, and we have legitimate needs at other positions. Not adding a 5th (or 6th) quarterback is ok by me if it means room for another quality offensive lineman.

I'd be very surprised, however, if the coaches don't recruit a bluechipper for 2013 like Camden County's Brice Ramsey, who's already emerged as a solid player coming into his junior season despite playing in an offense that does not showcase his passing abilities. There are already some very good quarterbacks in Georgia who'll be available for that class, and Mark Richt's generally done a good job of going out and getting the quarterbacks he wants. I think we'll manage.

Speaking of recruiting, I'm getting ready to ramp up the recruiting coverage here at the site and am open to all suggestions about how to do that. So hit me with any ideas you may have on the subject. I've got a few ideas, but let's face it, I could always use more.

Finally, I suppose you've noticed that I have not commented on the biggest news story of the week. No, not the Justice Department's finger-wagging letter home from the teacher to the NCAA. This. While I could obviously write another 800 words or more and barely scratch the surface, I'll limit my remarks to these and let you folks go nuts in the comments should you so choose: The fact that President Barack Obama was able to play golf and yuck it up at the White House correspondents' dinner while the wheels were turning on the ballsiest U.S. military operation in recent memory means you probably do not want to play poker with him. That's not a political statement. That's a "some people bluff way better than I do" statement. And there's a fair chance that the only things found on Osama bin Laden's computers were old Baywatch episodes and Clint Eastwood movies. But if I were financing or aiding his operations I wouldn't stake my life on it, and I'd have a hard time sleeping these days. Yeah America, {Jessica Simpson in an American flag bikini jpeg goes here even though it's not yet the 4th of July}.

Until later . . .

Go 'Dawgs!!!

*I've actually known a fair number of Idahoians in my time and none of the female ones had beards. A couple however could peg a mule deer at 300 yards, and one of them could then carry it back to camp over her shoulder. She's now a backup singer for Railroad Earth. No I'm not making this up. Could I honestly make something like that up?