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"Hi, This Is Jerry Jones And I Have An Exciting Offer For You . . ."

The Dallas Cowboys' website has a good bit of media material available for your consumption, especially now that they've bothered to renew the domain name. Though it doesn't have a lot of the content which one would frankly ,hope to find, like video of latter day gladiators fighting to the death in the JerryDome, or monster truck rallies run horribly amok, or audio from Jerry Jones' time embedded with a SEAL team hunting for Osama bin Laden. I assure you that video and/or audio of all of these things exists. Just not at

The same cannot be said, however, for Jerry's call to Georgia fullback Shaun Chapas confirming that the young man from Jacksonville was the newest Cowboy. Audio of that one is available here. Obviously such calls are perfunctory and audio of calls to all the other Cowboys' draft picks is available on their site*, but still it's a cool moment for Shaun Chapas, who I hope will become as much of a fan favorite in Dallas as he was in Athens. As someone who remembers fondly watching Herschel Walker wear the Lone Star helmet, and likewise counts Cowboy legend Daryl "Moose" Johnston among his football role models, this pick really tickled me.

* I highly recommend the call to Wisconsin guard Bill Nagy, who answers with a sort of wary calm, as if Jones is about to try to sell him some inexpensive term life insurance or stock in a Botswanian biotech company, as well as the one to Buffalo defensive back Josh Thomas who seems pretty chill for a guy who judging by the background noise might be taking the call from the second row of a Justin Bieber concert.