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Georgia Bulldogs on Kevin Ware's Short List; Should the Feeling be Mutual?

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Kevin Ware (May 3, 2011)

I know I said I wasn’t going to write about this until we knew something for certain, but, because this is Mark Fox’s moment and I am beginning to have doubts about how well he is seizing said moment and this one young man’s decision could say so much about the trajectory the Georgia Bulldogs are taking after their first NCAA Tournament appearance under Coach Fox, I couldn’t resist at least mentioning the fact that Kevin Ware has tweeted his list of choices, and Athens is among his five possible destinations.

To his credit, Ware has disavowed the squirrelly process by which he appears to have been duped into selecting Central Florida, but the fact that he had family in the Orlando area offers at least some hope that he will place some emphasis on the benefits of playing his college ball close to home. The Classic City, it ought to be noted, is a good deal nearer to Conyers than are Lawrence, Los Angeles, Louisville, or Manhattan.

At this point, how mission-critical is it for the Fox Hounds to land Ware? Is signing this particular high-profile recruit more trouble than it’s worth? Given that Ware’s previous commitments involved the likes of Bruce Pearl and Ken Caldwell, would receiving his seal of approval constitute a badge of honor, or is this just a talented kid who got caught in the switches and bears no part of the blame for the wrongdoing of those around him? Let me know what you think in the poll and the comments below.

Go ‘Dawgs!