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An Announcement That Guarantees Georgia Bulldogs Fans Will Have a Happy Memorial Day

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Happy Memorial Day!

All right, it’s time to come clean. You may not have noticed, but, during April and May, I sometimes went on hiatus or (metaphorically) went fishing. This is because I, like several of my fellow SB Nation colleagues, was asked to edit a Maple Street Press annual covering the upcoming season for my favorite team.

It has been a lot of work, but the end product will be well worth the effort. Due to the invaluable assistance of familiar writers from SB Nation Atlanta, Rocky Top Talk, and Shakin’ the Southland, as well as numerous regular contributors from right here at Dawg Sports---since some of their secret identities would be revealed by disclosing their real names (under which they wrote the articles) rather than their screen names (by which they are known hereabouts), I will leave it to those members of the community who contributed pieces to "out" themselves, vel non, as they choose---we have put together a 128-page overview of the history, tradition, and future of the Georgia Bulldogs, complete with charts, graphs, and full-color photographs. That’s 128 pages of content, folks; all articles, no ads.

The annual contains, inter alia, player profiles (complete with detailed looks at Aaron Murray, the post-A.J. Green receiving corps, and the 2011 "Dream Team" recruiting class), histories of the Bulldogs’ series against the four biggest rivals on this year’s schedule, a game-by-game breakdown of the Red and Black’s 12-game schedule (accompanied by a travel guide covering every game being played outside of Sanford Stadium), introductions to the two newest members of the Georgia coaching staff, a recap of the 2010 campaign, and everything you ever wanted to know about Todd Grantham’s 3-4 defense . . . and (as evidenced by my inclusion of the phrase "inter alia") that’s not all!

The inaugural Maple Street Press Georgia Bulldogs annual is scheduled to hit newsstands on July 12, and I will be able to provide additional information when we get closer to the publication date. Your patience has been, and your patronage will be, appreciated, and I ask you to sit tight while we wait. If the college football jitters are getting the better of you, fear not; the ultimate Bulldog season preview will be here in a few weeks.

Go ‘Dawgs!