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Georgia Bulldogs Thursday All-Day All-Sports Open Comment Thread

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It’s going to be a busy next several days for me and a busy next several days for the Georgia Bulldogs, which means this is your opportunity to do the talking. Both golf teams are in action today---the men, in the NCAA Regional in Erie, Colo.; the women, in the NCAA Championships in Bryan, Tex., for which live scoring is available here---so tankertoad should feel free to offer updates without fear of being corrected concerning drive distances.

At noon, the Georgia men’s tennis team takes the court against the Duke Blue Devils in Palo Alto, Calif., and live scoring for the match is available, as well.

Finally, a fine day of Georgia sports will be capped off this evening with the Diamond Dogs’ home date with the Vanderbilt Commodores, which airs at 7:30 tonight on ESPNU. The Classic City Canines’ series with the Music City Mariners is critical to the Bulldogs’ postseason chances, and the Red and Black would like a little revenge on the Commies after the completely classless way they tried to take advantage of last year’s atrocious Georgia baseball squad by insisting that games be played under absurd weather conditions. (Seriously, the ‘Dores went ahead with playing a game despite torrential rainfall that caused the worst flooding in Nashville in 30 years, ultimately resulting in the cancellation of the series. They can act as snooty as they like over the fact that they’re a tiny exclusive private college with no athletic director, but that was a low-rent bush-league punk move.)

It’s a busy day of Bulldog sports, so jump in during the day and share your updates, observations, and exclamations in the comments below, then join us for the nightcap as we catch the Diamond Dogs on the Worldwide Leader for an important baseball game!

Go ‘Dawgs!