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Free Form Friday: This Is What We Do For Recreation.

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It's Friday. That's good. There's no college football this weekend. That's bad. And weekends like this don't even come with a free frogurt, either (Doh!). In the absence of cursed frozen yogurt I present to you Free Form Friday, a rumpus room of college sports, pop culture and hastily laid in ephemera which might, just might, tide you over until football season comes back around. Enjoy.

After a brief hiatus it's time to renew our all-too-short
countdown of the movies every guy should see. This week's class includes Steve Buscemi acting vaguely creepy without even trying, Martin Scorsese putting people in body bags and a Bond movie. Yeah, like that narrows things down.

The Big Lebowski. This is just, like, my opinion man. But I know I can't be the only one who loves this movie. Like all Coen Brothers films everyone who has ever seen it either loved it or hated it. Included because this, Fargo or O Brother Where Art Thou? could all be included on an expanded list, but for our purposes I had to pick just one. And somehow this one just ties the whole list together.

The Departed. I'm not a huge Scorsese fan, and have been openly hostile to DiCaprio's acting from time to time (though he's gotten better with age). But if the dark humor and incredible soundtrack weren't enough, it was a great return to Jack being Jack, rather than an aging lady's man. I prefer Nicholson the sociopath to Nicholson engaging in romantic jousting with Diane Keaton. So sue me. Favorite exchange: Costello: "How's ya mother?" Bar patron: "She's on her way out." Costello, with a slap on the back: "We all are. Act accordingly."

Goldfinger. No list of guy movies is complete without a Bond movie. But no list of 25 guy movies can include all the Bond movies without excluding a lot of other great movies. So decisions must be made. If I'm including one classic Bond film this is it, and not even because the notion of Sean Connery disguising a snorkel as a seagull is entertaining on so many levels. I expect this one may insight some dissension in the ranks, but that's fine. Matters of taste may be disputed, though never settled.

Speaking of the absurdly comical, it appears to me that the BCS's wrist slap to the Fiesta Bowl was a shot across the bow of the Justice Department. In case you missed it, the BCS delivered an underwhelming sanction a mere 5 weeks after the story of deposed Bowl CEO John Junker's underhanded dealing blew up. Why now? Why within a week of the Justice Department's finger-wagging letter to the NCAA? It's one thing to poke the bear while it's sleeping, quite another to poke it when it's already angry.

Finally, if you get a chance, I'd encourage you to stop by the website of ESPN Radio Knoxville, where they're conducting an online bracket contest for Knoxville-area sports personalities. This would be of little interest to us here at Dawg Sports of course were it not for the inclusion of Rocky Top Talk's own Will Shelton* among the contestants. Will's an excellent writer, a Braves fan, and a pastor when he's not writing in dreamsicle orange ink and to be honest, I find his hatred of David Greene endearing in a Grinchy, pro wrestling bad guy sort of way. Go vote for him if you have a spare moment. Until later . . .


Go 'Dawgs!!!


*Every time I say Shelton's name in my head I switch over to the voice of Jim Parsons' character, Dr. Sheldon Cooper, from The Big Bang Theory, as he screams the name of his antagonist, Star Trek: The Next Generation's Will Wheaton. My brain makes odd associations, and I just had to share that one. Shheeellltttttttoooooonnnnnn!!!!