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NFL Draft Day 3 Open Comment Thread: Talent Don't Run Dry.

Today is the final day of the NFL Draft, with the pickin' beginning at noon eastern. But in terms of news about picking that's the second most important story of the day. Because you see today is also the 78th birthday of one Willie Hugh Nelson, former high* school tailback for the Abbott Panthers of Abbott, Texas and current guitar picking, farm aiding geriatric badass:

Willie Nelson also attended Baylor University, formed his first band at the age of 9, performed on the White House lawn before smoking a joint on the White House roof, lost a costly public battle to the IRS, holds a black belt in taekwondo, owns a biodiesel company, helped found the "outlaw country" genre (to the extent that one can found such a thing as a musical genre) and started at least two of the most prominent music festivals in America. Oh, and he's written or performed more #1 hits than just about anyone in existence. And charted hits in each of the last 6 decades. All of which means that Willie Nelson has over the course of a lifetime been more interesting at any given age than any of us will be at the same age, though Willie may or may not remember all of the pertinent details.

So, we'd like to wish a very happy birthday to a certifiable American original, and invite you to pull up a chair (or couch, or truckbed, whatever) and join us for the final day of the NFL Draft. Now that Justin Houston and Akeem Dent have come off the board we're starting to get down to the Bulldog candidates who are true wildcards. I still think Clint Boling will hear his name called today, and a team may take a chance on Kris Durham, who will likely otherwise sign a free agent deal. Ironically, that often turns out better since such a state of affairs would let Durham choose the best team for him rather than being thrown in a forced awkward situation.

*Marijuana joke goes here. Not any particular marijuana joke, mind you. It's Willie Nelson, so any one will do.