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NFL Draft Day Two Open Comment Thread: Don't Let Roger Goodell's Landslide Of Note Cards Bring You Down.

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It's Day Two of the NFL Draft, when the pace of the action picks up a little, the draftees get a tad more obscure, and ESPN starts bringing in the night shift guys to top off Boomer's drink and give the frontline talent a break. Except for Jon Gruden, who as you know doesn't sleep and instead unwinds by interrogating college quarterbacks and doing bonsai. 

There remain a slew of Georgia Bulldogs available for the taking, several of whom could easily go in the second round. Of course Justin Houston is a serious contender to go in the next 32 picks. But Akeem Dent is also among the best available inside linebackers, and Clint Boling could easily go to a team looking for offensive line help on day  two. Among other players of interest, Arkansas's Ryan Mallett remains on the board, as do LSU's Drake Nevis, South Carolina's Cliff Matthews, Florida's Marcus Gilbert, Tennessee's Luke Stocker and a host of other SEC notables.

As always feel free to comment on the unfolding action, as well as to ask yourself one or more of the following:

  • If Roger Goodell were a musician, who would he be? (Probably Stevie Nicks, but there are other acceptable choices.)
  • If you were locked in a room with Jon Gruden, Todd McShay and a revolver what would you do?
  • What SEC footballers do you think are a lock for early selection in the 2012 NFL Draft? (Yes, preposterously early speculation is preposterously early.)
  • How many neat scotches would Chris Berman have to knock back before ridiculing Mel Kiper's hair on camera?
  • How many neat scotches will Berman have knocked back before Goodell steps to the podium for the 33rd pick?
  • Which teams are killing it in the quest to build a Super Bowl contender (and please don't say the Lions, because with Suh and Fairley next to each other the "it" in "killing it" may refer to the Vikings' new rookie QB Christian Ponder, and that's a little rude.)
  • If Chris Mortensen hears juicy trade news in the forest, and there's no one there to verify that he's flat ass wrong, does Adam Schefter still make a sound?
  • Which so far undrafted player will end up being the biggest steal? (I'm guessing Ryan Mallett has a long and lumbering career of standing around flat footed and Ent-like while launching footballs at unsuspecting receivers).
  • Have fun, stay safe and be sure to add your own special touch to the party:

Go 'Dawgs!!!