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Seriously, Check Out Roll Bama Roll, Red Cross Website For Tornado Relief Information.

[Serious Face, Engaged.]

I'm sure a lot of you, like me, spent at least a portion of your recent late night/ early morning hours awake and on the lookout for tornados. That I know of I've been in the vicinity of 4-6 of those S.O.B.'s, including one beauty of a July afternoon storm that I waited out in a dry creek bed in Peach County (as pant-soiling an experience as I ever want to have, I assure you). I'm fairly certain that none of them was anything close to the half mile-wide, 200+ mile per hour, EF5 monster that ripped through 350 miles of the southland yesterday. No doubt they all sucked, but the worst effect I experienced was some roof damage and a case of shaky nerves.

Which makes me way, way luckier than many residents of Alabama and north Georgia this morning. Those folks desperately need your help, and I implore you to give it. Our SB Nation sister site Roll Bama Roll has a great resource post listing ways you can both help and get help. They'll be updating throughout the day with useful information.

Also the Northwest Georgia Chapter of the American Red Cross could probably use your time, money, sweat, tears and perhaps most especially your blood right about now. You can donate by text message among other methods and I urge you to go do so, 'Dawgs.

[Serious Face, Disengaged]