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The NFL Draft Open Comment Thread And Taqueria Is Open For Business.

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The funny thing about the NFL Draft is that if it occurred closer to the end of the actual NFL season, most of us would not really care. Let's face it, this is a college football blog, and if we had to choose as a group between caring about whether the 'Dawgs can shoehorn one more offensive tackle into a signing class or whether the Cowboys will go with the defensive end out of Slippery Rock or the safety out of Ohio Wesleyan, The Joker Jerry Jones's getting the shaft every time.

Even true pro football fans would probably care less. Consider, for example, the MLB and NBA drafts. Neither  has grown into the outright spectacle that is the NFL's recess dodgeball team selection on steroids: 32 secretive cadres of football personnel folk sitting in a conference room with ridiculous looking helmet phones glued to their heads, surrounded by endomorphic 21 year olds making small talk between intervals of contemplating whether they want the Bentley or the Aston Martin*. Actually, the NBA Draft is probably a lot like that, but I won't know for sure until I find somebody who's actually watched it.

While other sports' drafts coincide with their actual seasons**, these are dark and barren times in the land of pigskin. And so we will watch Jon Gruden and Ron Jaworski converse in a series of tired cliches and strained tautologies about young quarterbacks, and we will watch Todd McShay try to out-Kiper Mel Kiper and we will like it. Feel free to leave your thoughts on the picks that have been made and the picks upcoming, and note that extra points will be awarded for posting in Gruden-speak (I TELL YOU JAWS . . . THAT GUY EARL SWEATSHIRT IS SOMETHING . . .GOOD LYRICAL RANGE AND SAMOAN MILITARY TRAINING . . .HE'S READY TO CONTRIBUTE RIGHT NOW!!!!). Until Nick Fairley kneecaps Roger Goodell . . .

Go 'Dawgs!!!

* My advice? Go with the Aston Martin DBS convertible, preferably in custom team colors, and most especially if you are an interior lineman. Priciest. Clown. Car. Evah! 

** Though to be fair, the NBA may just be wrapping up the 2006 season as we speak. I assume the Charlotte Bobcats are still in the running, and I have them pegged to beat the Golden State Warriors in the best-of-345 game finals.