Dawg Sports G-Day/Men's Tennis/Baseball Athens Excursion Set for April 16!

Thanks to the dedicated efforts of NCT (who did all the legwork), the April 16 Dawg Sports outing in Athens is a go. (We don’t yet have a name for it, but you may feel free to offer suggestions in the comments below, as I certainly hope we will be able to attach the modifier "first annual" before whatever moniker the community prefers.) Here is the schedule:

It is not entirely clear whether admission to G-Day will be free or for a nominal fee, but, obviously, it will not be a sell-out. (We’re not Alabama!) Seating for men’s tennis is general admission, and there is no charge for attending. Because it is not possible to buy a block of reserved seat tickets at Foley Field as large as we ostensibly will need, our best bet is to purchase general admission baseball tickets for $5.00 apiece through the University of Georgia ticket office. Because there is a chance that the baseball game will sell out, I strongly recommend that you buy your baseball tickets now!

We will be assembling in front of the ATMs in the Tate Center plaza at 12:30, half an hour before kickoff of the G-Day game; if folks want to tailgate before congregating at the Tate Center, feel free to organize such meetings in the comments below. From the Tate Center, we’ll be heading together to Sanford Stadium, and from there en masse to each subsequent venue in succession.

If you can only make it to one or two of the events, we’d still love to have you there. If you plan to attend but think you might be joining the group late, please e-mail me here and I’ll provide you with a means for contacting us in the Classic City.

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Go ‘Dawgs!

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