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Know Thy Enemy: How Do the Georgia Bulldogs and the Boise State Broncos Stack Up After Spring Football?

Since the focus of G-Day was getting ready for the season-opener in Atlanta against the Boise St. Broncos, it’s worth taking a moment to cast a glance across the continent to see what the pride of the WAC Mountain West was up to over the weekend. While Mark Richt was insistent that his coordinators not put anything new on film, Chris Petersen appears to have taken the opposite approach, pulling out all the stops so that the Georgia Bulldogs’ coaches will have no idea for what to prepare.

Among the wrinkles put on display by the Broncos were the hurry-up, the pistol formation, the tackle over formation (three offensive linemen on one side of the center and one offensive lineman on the other), the read option, and the traditional option on offense, and the 1-5-5, the 3-3-5, and nickelback blitzes on defense. Geraldo Hiwat was the clear offensive star for BSU, although another receiver of interest to Bulldog Nation is Kirby Moore, not because he is Bronco quarterback Kellen Moore’s brother, but because we had a Kirby Moore of our own.

Since there was some discussion of it in the comment thread, it is worth taking a look at Boise State’s projected starting offensive line, which looks like this:

That could make for some interesting matchups if Todd Grantham makes good on his promise to field Kwame Geathers and John Jenkins on the defensive line at the same time.

Go ‘Dawgs!