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Georgia Bulldogs Embark on Busy Weekend in Bulldog Nation

For reasons alluded to previously, I will not be providing immediate recaps of this weekend's Georgia sporting events. Anyone wishing to provide such recaps in the fanposts will have my gratitude and will be in line to see such fanposts promoted to the front page. Otherwise, I anticipate providing a comprehensive weekend overview in the Sunday summary, which is to say, not before.

In the meantime, the NCAA Gymnastics Championships are underway. The schedule of events (in .pdf format) is available here.

I hope to see everyone at the ATMs in the Tate Center plaza at 12:30 tomorrow. If anyone needs to contact me beforehand, e-mail me here, and I'll send you my cell phone number (provided you're not some random stalker, that is; toward that end, tell me your screen name when you e-mail me).

Go 'Dawgs!