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Diamond Dogs' Johnathan Taylor Travels Long Road to Recovery

As noted by Seth Emerson, there is good news and bad news regarding Johnathan Taylor’s recovery from the neck injury he suffered in the Diamond Dogs’ March 6 game against Florida State.

The bad news is that Taylor has no feeling in his legs or in his fingers. As the medical director of Atlanta’s Sheperd Center, Dr. Donald Peck Leslie, said earlier today, "A majority of people with his injury don’t walk, unfortunately." If so, that will make Taylor the second Georgia baseball player in as many seasons to suffer an injury that confined him to a wheelchair for the rest of his life.

The good news is that Taylor, who needed an electric wheelchair and a ventilator when he arrived at the Sheperd Center, now has the ability to breathe on his own, use his upper extremities, and push his wheelchair. Because his spinal cord was not severed, Taylor at least has the hope of walking again one day.

Normally, my tendency is to view the glass as half-empty; this is one of the rare occasions on which I feel the need to view the glass as half-full. Keep Johnathan Taylor in your prayers. If you’re interested in tracking his progress, updates on his condition are available here. Naturally, donations to the fund to defray his medical expenses continue to be welcome and appreciated.

Go ‘Dawgs!