Now Is the Time for All Good Bulldogs to Come to the Aid of Their Weblog

As a few of you are aware, and as the rest of you will find out in the due course of events, I am working on an outside project that will occupy much of my attention for the next several weeks. While this will not cause me to take a hiatus from Dawg Sports, it may mean there are days without fresh content from anyone listed on the site masthead, and it may mean a few game recaps are a bit more cursory than usual.

Once again, this does not mean your favorite sports weblog---this is your favorite sports weblog, right?---is going anywhere; it isn’t. Moreover, with the end of spring football practice looming and summer fast approaching, now is an opportune moment at which to scale back slightly and temporarily, at least judging by the dip in site traffic that accompanies the warmer months whenever our athletic director isn’t making career-derailing decisions regarding alcohol, automobiles, and women’s undergarments.

However, the blogosphere, like nature, abhors a vacuum, and therein lies an opportunity. MaconDawg and I try to stay on top of all news pertaining to the Georgia Bulldogs while offering insightful commentary on events in Bulldog Nation, yet there are limits to what two people can do, and, especially, to what two people can do well.

Fortunately, the Dawg Sports community already is adept at taking up the slack, as evidenced by the frequency with which fanposts are promoted to the front page, selected as SB Nation Atlanta editor’s picks, and on top of breaking news before MaconDawg and I can get to it. Consider this your invitation to keep doing what you’ve been doing, only more so; vineyarddawg’s "on notice" posts became a fixture during football season, and we always welcome first-hand accounts of games commenters attended in person and analysis of sports that fall outside the ambit of my expertise.

In short, if there’s a posting that’s been percolating inside you, now is a excellent time to let it out so the rest of us can enjoy it; if you’re attending a Georgia sporting event and want to author a recap from the point of view of someone who was in the stands, this is your open invitation to do so; if you’re interested in writing a regular feature or taking the point on a particular sport about which you’re passionate, e-mail me, and we’ll discuss the possibilities and particulars.

To the (limited) extent that I will be stepping back, this is your opportunity to step up and treat the next few weeks as open mike night---and, perhaps, an open audition---here at Dawg Sports. Your patience is appreciated, and your participation, even more so.

Go ‘Dawgs!

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