I'm not ready to talk about Boise State

First of all, and let me be clear:  We are now a basketball school.  Mark Fox's squad is probably in the NCAA Tournament. We have a big game on Thursday against The Auburn Tigers at 1:00 P.M.  Focus is paramount, as a team, and fan base.  If we stub our toe against an improving Tiger's team (which took us to overtime a few weeks ago because they defied 3-point bell-curve for much of the game), we just might find ourselves in the National Invitation Tournament.  I absolutely do not want any part of the N.I.T. 

Back in it's heyday, the N.I.T. was arguably the premiere post-season tournament in college basketball because it was played in New York City, long before the over-saturation of all forms of media; television in particular and the interwebs of late.  Everyone wanted to play in the Big Apple, even before Madison Square Garden was built.  The nation knew about the N.I.T. before the NCAA tournament became the accepted post-season competition.  Those days are long gone.

I digress...

Recently, a poll was taken over at, the Boise State site for the uninitiated.  The question What is Boise State's toughest two-game stretch? and the poll results have already been addressed on Dawgsports.  It would seem that only about 20% of almost 1000 respondents (a decent sample size) feel Georgia, followed by Toledo, is the toughest stretch.  Is this a "slight" towards Georgia's program in the minds of Bronco Nation?  Not when you just completed a 6-7 campaign.  And, frankly, I could care less.  Why?  I'm still in some sort of PTLSD funk (post-traumatic losing season disorder).  And until we actually beat someone worth salt, I feel we're doomed.


Yes.  Happy-go-lucky Dave is now manic-depressive (apologies to Charlie Sheen), Prozac-on-a-stick Dave.  We have nothing to look forward to.

Never mind that we signed BigBadJohn™, a player that only a few folks in Mississippi, Connecticut, and Georgia even really know about.  I mean, how good could he be, right?  All that hoopla and he doesn't even have 5 stars.  Gotta quit signing JUCO kids.  They never work out.



Former Alabama JUCO transfer Terrence Cody getting absolutely run over by a much smaller back.

And don't too excited about on running game.  In an unorthodox move, our coaching staff has signed a new kid at a new position:  Chill Back.  So what if he's got great vision, breakaway speed and power?  There's no guarantee he'll even be able to stay awake once he gets on the field.  Innovative?  Perhaps.  But if Georgia suddenly breaks out in the "Chill Formation" and everyone just falls asleep, I told you so.

I don't even want to begin talking about our strength and conditioning program.  Word has it, our players are actually lifting weights now.  I think this is a total gimmick.  Mat Drills were so effective:


Mat Drills, Summer 2008.  We're #1!

Another reason to believe that we're doomed is nutrition.  I think the fact that our players are not only eating "healthier", but are actually required to photograph what they eat before they actually consume anything is outrageous.  Everyone this side of Richard Simmons knows that kids have the metabolism of a hummingbird.  Obesity is not a problem in America, and certainly not amongst athletes.  I fear we have become the most Draconian institution in the SEC.  This does not bode well.


How in the hell are we going to recruit if this place is off limits?

We've now got safeties playing linebacker, guards playing tackle, tight ends playing full back, running backs playing linebacker.  Cats and Dogs living together.  It's Madness.  I guess it's March.  Point is, we have no direction on this team and no plan.  I mean, whoever heard of converting a 6'3 224 lb. (and growing) safety to linebacker?  Crazy.

Finally, the biggest reason to absolutely not have anything to look forward to next season is the whole issue with our über quarterback, who had his "foot amputated but sewed back on with dental floss" in a freak fútbol accident according to a consistently reliable media source

Nope, I refuse to be anyone's source of utopia, inspiration, hope, and ray o' sunshine.  We're doomed.  You know it.  I know it.  Boise State knows it.  Talk to me after the G-Day Game.  Until then, I'd rather just fill out my office brackets and sulk.  Abandon hope all ye who enter here.

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