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Georgia To Benefit From Boise State Transfer?

While I understand that football is no longer our school's primary sport, I did pick up a little interesting news over the weekend on the pigskin front. Well, it's probably not really news, but it's interesting nonetheless. Some of you who follow recruiting may remember Mike Tamburo, a talented quarterback out of North Gwinnett High School. Tamburo's stats were off the charts, but his height (5'11) was an issue for some schools and he never picked up an offer from any of the nearby SEC and ACC schools, despite a boatload of accolades. Tamburro instead accepted an offer to join Boise State's 2009 class and headed out west, eschewing offers from the likes of Bowling Green and Toledo.

Fast-forward two years. Brian Murphy of the Idaho Statesman is reporting that rising redshirt sophomore Tamburo will transfer from Boise, though he's not yet decided where he will go. Certainly whenever a player transfers like this a school "closer to home" is often the eventual landing strip. I for one would love to add a walkon quarterback with two seasons of experience (albeit no game experience) in Chris Petersen's offense to the Bulldog scout team this summer prior to our season opener in the Georgia Dome. I'd rather add a monster nose tackle who can collapse the pocket and stuff the inside running game, but I don't think those two things are mutually exclusive.

I'm not saying Tamburo's coming to Georgia, but I'm not saying he's not, either. With Aaron Murray, Hutson Mason, Christian LeMay and walkons Parker Welch and Greg Bingham all on campus, we're not exactly hurting at the position (except in terms of mustache cache, which we've been sorely lacking since Jonathan DeLaureal's graduation). But Tamburo would have two seasons of eligibility left after sitting out 2011 and might not be a bad insurance policy if he were willing to forego a scholarship. I'll be back later with my final Power Poll Ballot before the SEC Tournament. Spoiler: Auburn is not #1. Until later. . .

Go 'Dawgs!!!!