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Remind Me Again, Is "Conspuuuracy" Spelled With Two U's Or Three?

Signed, the Auburn Family.

The internet is abuzz this morning with gossip about what will come out of HBO's Real Sports college football special airing tonight at 10 p.m. eastern. Brooks claims to have excerpts from the transcript. If they are real, they are spectacular. Not in the sense that no one knew that college football players sometimes get $100 handshakes from boosters after big games. Not in the sense that no one knew that college football players have enviable access to the fairer sex. But in the sense that, and I'm trying to be objective and low-key here, HOLY CRAP 4 AUBURN PLAYERS ADMITTING TO WIDESPREAD AND WELLKNOWN PAY-FOR-PLAY??? I CAN HAZ KASH IN BOOKBAG?

Ok, maybe that didn't come off too low key. And it's worth noting that several other schools (LSU, Michigan State and Ohio State) are identified in the alleged transcript as well.But this is clearly the story of the day in college football and will be unavoidable for a while, assuming that the excerpts are legitimate. Who has two thumbs and will listening to the Finebaum Show this afternoon? This guy.