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Georgia Bulldogs Second Sunday Summary: Women's Tennis Rolls, Men's Golfers Remain in the Hunt

Late last night or early this morning, depending upon how you choose to view it, I warned you that much was afoot in Bulldog Nation this Sunday. You’ve already been brought up to speed with regard to the good, the better, and the ugly, but there remain a few loose ends, which I now will attempt to tie:

That’s from I get that accidents happen, but not all errors are equal. When you apply for a job with the University of Georgia Athletic Association, the first question asked in your interview should be, "Spell ‘Herschel Walker.’" I mean, seriously, people!

That, my friends, is your Georgia sports Sunday in a nutshell. You may consider yourself fully briefed as you prepare to begin another work week in Bulldog Nation.

Go ‘Dawgs!