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Georgia Bulldogs Booted from NCAA Women's Basketball Tournament by Texas A&M Aggies

I don’t know what Herschel Walker said in his pregame speech to Andy Landers’s Lady Bulldogs before their NCAA Women’s Basketball Tournament showdown with Texas A&M, but, whatever it was, we need to make absolutely sure the Goal Line Stalker never says it again, because his inspirational message failed utterly, as Georgia fell to the Aggies by a 79-38 margin.

Jasmine James led the way for the Red and Black, but her ten points were no match for the 23 contributed by the Texans’ Danielle Adams or the 14 added by the Aggies’ Tyra White. The Bulldogs gave the ball away 14 times, were out-rebounded 51-38, shot only 25 per cent from the field (15 of 60), were outscored 32-16 in the paint, gave up 22 points to the Texas A&M bench, and sunk only four of 13 free throws and just four of 19 three-pointers.

The Aggies, in short, were superior to the Athenians in every respect, and deserved to advance in the ladies’ bracket. So ends college basketball season in Bulldog Nation.

Go ‘Dawgs!