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April 16, 2011: The Dawg Sports Equivalent of St. Crispin's Day

Monday was a bit of a slow day around the weblog (which was not altogether surprising, in light of the end of men’s basketball season over the weekend), so some of you may have missed NCT’s fanpost proposing a Dawg Sports all-day sports expedition to the Classic City on April 16, beginning with the G-Day game in Sanford Stadium, continuing with the men’s tennis match against Tennessee at the Dan Magill Tennis Complex, and concluding with the baseball game against Florida at Foley Field.

Frankly, I think this is an exceptional idea, for which I am completely on board, but, if we are to make a go of it, we need to get an accurate head count and plan accordingly for purchasing tickets and suchlike. Thus, I welcome your RSVPs in the comments below and invite your votes on the following poll question:

Go ‘Dawgs!