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Georgia Bulldogs Dawg Bites: Big Weekend on Tap for Baseball, Gymnastics, and Softball; Swimming and Diving in First Place at Nationals

There will be no Free Form Friday today, largely because, now that we’re all fans of a basketball school, it’s the postseason, not the offseason! Open comment threads, first for the day’s general NCAA Tournament action, then, later, for the Georgia Bulldogs’ first round game against the Washington Huskies, will appear in this space as the day progresses.

In the meantime, though, a brief update on the status of matters in other sports is warranted. Don’t worry, I’ll be brief, if only to avoid the dreaded "tl;dr" in the comments:

That should get you up to speed for the morning. I’ll see y’all in the comment threads this afternoon and (especially) this evening.

Go ‘Dawgs!