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NCAA Basketball Tournament Day Three Open Comment Thread

Happy St. Patrick's Day! Also, happy first day of the first round of the NCAA Basketball Tournament! (No, I'm not calling the play-in games "the first round," because they're the play-in games. I don't call Division I-AA "the Football Championship Subdivision," either, nor did I call Prince anything other than "Prince" when he was gallivanting around trying to get people to refer to him by some stupid androgynous symbol, either. I do, however, differentiate between John Cougar and John Mellencamp, because John Cougar's music didn't suck.)

There's a full day of postseason college basketball ahead of you, and I'm sure more than a few of you will be taking the day off to celebrate the driving of the snakes from Ireland and the separation of the wheat from the chaff in the tourney, so have at it in the comments below, but remember . . . don't drink and blog!

No, wait, that's driving. Yeah, don't drink and drive. (Seriously, don't.) If you want to drink and blog, go ahead, but make sure you either do it from home or have a designated driver to get you home safely. I don't want to read about any of you getting pulled over with a pair of green panties in your lap. Also, if you drink and blog, try to avoid any overly lurid speculation about the possibility that Louisville is facing a Bond girl in the 1:40 game on TBS.

Go 'Dawgs!