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I Did It For The Lulz: MaconDawg's Bracket Of Doom.

Earlier this week I talked about some of the loose rules which I follow in picking my NCAA Tournament Bracket. After podunkdawg commented that I should just send her my bracket, I decided I'd do one better and post it, with limited explanation, for all to see and mock. So, here it is: MaconDawg's bracket . . .

brackety brack, don't know jack 

A few notes:

  • I thought very seriously about picking Belmont to take out Wisconsin. I went back and forth on it before finally deciding that the Badgers are just too much for the representative of the Atlantic Sun Conference. That being said, if they pull the upset I wouldn't be that surprised.
  • Once I was finished I was disappointed by how conservative my bracket is, especially in the later rounds. But the fact is that the #1's (3 of whom I have in the Final Four) have just looked really good this year. And I don't see a lot of resistance for most of them. Frankly, this year it looks a lot harder to be a #2 or #3 than usual.
  • Yes, I'm picking against the 'Dawgs against Washington. Partially because I fear that if I picked the Red and Black I'd jinx things. Actually, I may have just jinxed it by admitting that I'm trying not to jinx it. That being said, I just can't see us beating North Carolina regardless. If we make the Sweet 16 I will be thrilled to have been wrong.
  • I'm counting on the top of the Big East, but not the middle. That is, I have UConn going through to the Final Four because I thought they made a nice run in their conference tournament and seem to be peaking at a good time. Plus I'm not entirely sold on Duke or Texas to make a deep run this year.
  • My pick of Kansas over Ohio State in the final is pure guesswork. Both teams are outstanding, and they'd match up well against each other. I have no idea which one would win it all, but as a general rule I pick against the #1 overall seed against a team of similar caliber. And Kansas has looked really good to me down the stretch.
  • Yes, I know I picked UAB to beat Clemson in the play-in game. But it's only because I'm part of the vast anti-'Bama conspiracy. Along with the St. Peter's Peacocks and the Providence Friars. And while it looks like I forgot to underline them I'm picking VCU and UT-San Antonio in today's play-ins.
  • I don't have any SEC team going past the Sweet 16. As noted here on multiple occasions I trust neither Kentucky or Vandy away from home, and though I think Florida could make some noise there's simply no way they beat Michigan State and St. John's. Unless they do, in which case I was wrong. This should not be terribly surprising.
  • BYU is the biggest sucker's bet of a #3 seed I can remember. Seriously, after they needed to come from behind at the half in the MWC tournament to beat a TCU squad with a 1-15 conference record and then got shellacked by San Diego State, I just don't see them going far. There are several teams in the Southeast bracket who can neutralize Jimmer Fredette, and one of them will. If that happens the Cougars are toast.

Your thoughts are welcome as always in the comments. Until later . . .

Go 'Dawgs!!!