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The SB Nation Printable Tournament Bracket Is Here.

If you're entering any tournament pool you're going to need a copy of the NCAA basketball tournament bracket. As Kyle noted a few minutes ago, SB Nation has put together a printable bracket to end all brackets which can be found heyah.

As you'll see when you click on the link this bracket is a little different. No, it still has all the teams that made the Big Dance and they're all lined up against the proper opponents. And yes, I was overruled in my quest to include a special "play out" game between Auburn and St. Philbert's School of Fence Repair and Animal Husbandry. So we'll just have to let that one shake out in our minds.

But the SB Nation bracket has URLs for all the SB Nation blogs for the various tournament teams. So if you want indepth analysis of each team, you'll know where to go. You want up to date injury news on each participant? You'll know where to go. You want to know what fans of tourney teams think about their squad's chances? Bingo. You'll know where to go. You could scroll through the ESPN team pages spelunking for dirt on the teams that will deliver you to victory. But let's face it, who knows more about Tennessee basketball and the Volunteers matchup with Michigan, Joel from Rocky Top Talk or some random intern in Bristol who literally couldn't pick Scotty Hopson out of a lineup? Let me help you. It's Joel. And it's not even close.

I have it on good authority that this is the bracket that Rick Neuheisel and Charlie Sheen will be using. And by "good authority" of course I mean the guy who sells Charles Barkley his neckties. And Raul wouldn't steer me wrong on this. 

We'll be back tomorrow to help you fill out those suckers. For tonight, let's all enjoy the fact that Mark Fox and his Hoop Hounds have returned to the Big Dance. Until later . . .

Go 'Dawgs!!!