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Alabama Crimson Tide 65, Georgia Bulldogs 59: The Instantaneous Ill-Informed Roundball Wrapup

The Georgia Bulldogs had the Alabama Crimson Tide beaten. With both teams fighting for their lives on the NCAA Tournament bubble, the Fox Hounds took charge early, built up a 14-point cushion in the second half, and should have been able to cruise to the comfortable win.

Unfortunately, the Red and Black put it into cruise control a little too soon, and, when the inevitable second-half run by the other team came, everything about the Athenians collapsed, from their shooting to their defense to their judgment to their confidence, both on the sideline and on the court.

Rather than run the risk of writing something I will regret later (or that will be thrown up in my face later), I will simply end by noting that, while Alabama has a quality ball club, Alabama is not a team that ought to have beaten Georgia twice; certainly, Alabama is not on a par with the other two teams to have beaten the Bulldogs twice this season. To the Crimson Tide’s credit, they played their best when their prospects appeared the worst; Anthony Grant’s team deserved this win, and, at least arguably, the Tide deserve a tourney berth.

Georgia may make the field; Georgia may not make the field. Georgia may win a game in the NCAA Tournament; Georgia may not win a game in the NCAA Tournament. The Bulldogs had a chance to cement their standing today, and they failed to do so when the stakes were highest and the odds were with them. Whatever harm this does to their postseason prospects, Mark Fox and the Georgia Bulldogs have no one to blame but themselves.

Go ‘Dawgs!