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Georgia Bulldogs v. Alabama Crimson Tide: The Haphazard Ill-Informed Roundball Preview

The problem with the SEC Tournament is that the turnaround time between games is absolutely brutal, as only 24 hours separate tip-off of one game from tip-off of the next. It’s tough to recover that quickly.

What? No, I don’t mean the players; heck, Trey Thompkins is more healthy than he’s ever been; I’m talking about sports bloggers! Won’t someone please think of the sports bloggers?

After easily dispatching the Auburn Tigers, the Georgia Bulldogs roll into their Friday afternoon date with the Alabama Crimson Tide as the winners of three of their last four games, but their lone loss in that span came at the hands of Anthony Grant’s squad. What have the Tide done since last the Fox Hounds met them? Well, . . . since beating Georgia, ‘Bama hasn’t done a dadgum thing; the Red Elephants have just sat around on their butts and waited to play the Athenians again. Lazy bums!

Oh, wait. Apparently, you get a first round bye for winning your division, so the Crimson Tide are enjoying the spoils of victory, not goofing off; my bad. Anyway, Alabama hasn’t played a game since last weekend, so my prior preview pretty much still applies, right down to both teams’ presence on the bubble. As of Thursday morning, Alabama was among the first four out of the field, and Georgia was among the last four in the field who would not have to participate in a play-in game. The Crimson Tide are looking to become just the third team to have beaten the Bulldogs twice this season; the two to have accomplished that feat in the regular season are the Florida Gators and the Vanderbilt Commodores, who are projected as second and sixth seeds, respectively.

Game time is 1:00 on Friday afternoon, with television coverage being provided by the SEC Network, which is utterly useless to you if you have a job, but I’m just making you aware as a public service, so you’ll know what you’re missing. No need to thank me. (What? You weren’t planning on thanking me? See, what did I tell you? No one ever thinks of the sports bloggers!)

Go ‘Dawgs!