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Georgia Bulldogs v. Alabama Crimson Tide SEC Basketball Tournament Game Day Open Comment Thread

Tennessee Logo
March 11, 2011
Georgia Dome, Atlanta, Georgia
1:00 Eastern

TV: SEC Network
Internet TV: ESPN3
Live Stats: Gametracker
Tennessee Logo

21-10 (10-7)

20-10 (12-4)

As of roughly 24 hours ago, the Alabama Crimson Tide were among the first four out of the field of 68, and the Georgia Bulldogs were among the last four in the field not to have to participate in a play-in game, so the stakes of this afternoon’s SEC Tournament outing are pretty clear. While it may not be as simple as "winner gets in, loser is NIT-bound," the Fox Hounds have the opportunity to do themselves some good or do themselves some harm today.

Here’s hoping they opt for doing themselves some good. Your observations, reactions, and exhortations go in the comments below.

Go ‘Dawgs!