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Super Bowl Sunday Free Form Open Comment Thread

It's been a whirlwind of a week, and today marks the final day of anything resembling actual football until Labor Day weekend. (Sorry, Arena League, but it's true.)

Mark Richt signed perhaps his best recruiting class yet. Has our embattled head football coach set the stage for saving his job or stocked the cupboard for Kirby Smart? Which incoming players will make the biggest impact?

Mark Fox led his basketball team to a pair of wins over SEC West foes. Has he established this program as one that wins the games it should or raised concerns because the Hoop Hounds are winning nailbiters rather than laughers? Is this team NCAA Tournament-bound?

Do we need to replace Jay Clark? Do we need to reconsider the criteria for replacing Uga VIII? Should a Bulldog fan be rooting for the Green Bay Packers or the Pittsburgh Steelers? Which commercials will be topics of conversation tomorrow?

We'll be open all day, before, during, and after the game, and available to discuss these subjects and others, as the spirit moves you. Jump in the conversation as it suits you.

Go 'Dawgs!