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Georgia Bulldogs at Florida Gators Game Night Open Comment Thread

In one sense, this game doesn't matter much at all; whether the Georgia Bulldogs win or lose in Gainesville, the Florida Gators almost certainly will win the SEC East and the Red and Black very probably will be NCAA Tournament-bound. In the grand scheme of things, this evening's result likely will affect very little.

On the other hand, this game matters a great deal. A Georgia win would generate substantial momentum, virtually assuring a tourney berth and potentially setting the stage for a stretch run that had the Bulldogs entering Selection Sunday as a squad on a hot streak. Beyond that, any intercollegiate competition in which student-athletes representing the University of Georgia go up against student-athletes representing the University of Florida is a contest of consequence merely by virtue of the spirit of rivalry inherent in such a showdown.

In short, the ill effects of losing wouldn't be as bad as the possible payoff of winning would be good. In that spirit, let's dive into the comment thread and root, root, root for the road team, shall we?

Go 'Dawgs!