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Which Sports Bars Are Most Friendly to the Georgia Bulldogs and Their Fans?

Look, I’m going to be completely straight with you: SB Nation is a growing network of fan-produced and fan-centered sports weblogs designed to be your home for information and conversation about your favorite teams, but it’s also a business; MaconDawg and I write for Dawg Sports because we deeply, truly love the Georgia Bulldogs, but it’s also a sideline income, and, quite frankly, the financial payoff for an hour spent writing a blog posting is nowhere near the financial payoff for an hour spent practicing law. This is unfortunate, because, as much as we both enjoy our day jobs, there are few passions in life as heartfelt and ingrained as sports loyalties, so it’s in everyone’s interests for the network to be financially profitable, so that sites like this one can continue.

There is where you come into the picture; we need to know which sports bars, around Athens, around Atlanta, around the state, and around the world, are the best places to watch a Georgia game. Having this information will enable us to plan future events, maintain a directory for the benefit of Bulldog boosters who want to know which venues are the most fan-friendly, and allow SB Nation’s advertising team to go to those sports bars you have identified and tell them, "See? Our network can give you access to the most loyal and intense fans, who will frequent your establishment if you give them a reason to do so."

Accordingly, I am asking you to use this spreadsheet and the comments section following this posting to list your favorite sports bars. Our goal is to compile a comprehensive directory which will aid fans in finding suitable establishments, assist the Dawg Sports community in locating appropriate sites for group events like last year’s First Annual Dawg Sports Sacrificial Goat Roast or next year’s proposed group trip to a basketball game, and help the SB Nation sales staff in generating the income which makes sites like this one possible. Add in the boost in business likely to be enjoyed by any sports bars savvy enough to purchase advertising on a weblog frequented by such an erudite and engaged community of fans, and everyone goes home a winner. One invisible hand washes the other, so to speak.

We thank you in advance for your assistance and participation.

Go ‘Dawgs!