Wow. Just Wow. UGA Men's Tennis Falls To GT 4-3

While Fox's Hounds were tearing it up against the Gamecocks in Columbia (well, for a half, at least), Georgia's men's tennis team travelled to Atlanta to take on Georgia Tech. It was, as tennis matches go, a back-and-forth affair. Georgia took the doubles point. Tech took a point when the no. 2 spot finished first with Georgia's Javier Garrapiz (national rank 13) falling in an upset to Tech's Juan Spir in straight sets. Georgia took the lead back at the number 3 singles match (UGA Sadio Doumbia def. GT Eliot Potvin), only for Tech to get the point back at no. 1 (GT Guillermo Gomez def. UGA Wil Spencer). Georgia again took the lead 3-2 as the no. 4 match ended (UGA Drake Bernstein def. GT Kevin King). Tech then tied the match and took the team victory with wins at 5 and 6 (GT Magin Ortiga def. UGA Hernus Pieters and GT Dean O' Brien def. UGA Ignacio Taboada, respectively).

A little perspective is in order here. The last time Georgia (now 4-2 this season) lost to Tech in men's tennis, I was wrapping up my senior year in Athens. The last time Georgia lost to Tech in men's tennis, the Friday the 13th film franchise was about to release its seventh iteration and Die Hard its first. The last time Georgia lost to Tech in men's tennis, the seeds of a familiar Internet meme were being sown. The last time Georgia lost to Tech in men's tennis, it was 1988. Before 1988, the last time Georgia lost to Tech in men's tennis, I wasn't born yet was two years old. Before today, Georgia had defeated Tech 48 50 times in the last 49 51 tries. We talk about how great our record against Tech is in football, but until this afternoon, a loss to Tech in men's tennis sure looked like a very close to being a once-in-a-lifetime event, literally.

I'm glad the basketball team's doing better, but I'm not prepared for disappointments in other sports that have been our most consistent, nationally prominent performers.

Edited for some counting errors on my part. Please accept my apologies.

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