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College Football BlogPoll Ballot (Week 14): I'm Going to be More Popular in Idaho Than in Alabama This Week

One of the many interesting things about this time of year is that, although the BlogPoll deadline is the same as it is any other week, the need for immediacy otherwise is absent, as there is no upcoming game for which to prepare. That being the case, I have elected to present this week’s top 25---as always, I started from scratch, so ignore the arrows, which are meaningless---without comment. Here, in my estimation, are the teams that are most deserving (or, in some cases, least undeserving) of being ranked:

If any of those rankings strike you as odd, feel free to inquire about my reasoning in the comments below. I may, or may not, publish a posting later in the week justifying my rationale, anyway, but, if any part of that has you scratching your head, feel free to ask, and I’ll explain my reasoning as best I can.

Go ‘Dawgs!