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New Year's Eve College Football Bowl Game Open Comment Thread

Happy New Year! The title of this posting says it all, but, just in case you need additional details, here's the drill:

It's New Year's Eve. There are bowl games. These are they:

(All times Eastern. Not just for this posting, mind you, but for every single time I provide a time for the rest of my life.)

At noon, we begin a run of five straight bowl games, which between them feature SEC newcomer Texas A&M, our in-state rivals, two of our annual conference foes, and possibly Ron Zook, provided he hasn't already been run out of town on a rail.

The whole thing will be capped off by the now-traditional ESPN New Year's Eve spectacle, in which the Worldwide Leader will televise an idiot doing something incredibly idiotic that will make you go, "What an idiot! Hey, honey, come here and watch this idiot try to kill himself on live TV by being an idiot!"

Join in the conversation as we follow the games, share our new year's resolutions, look ahead to Monday's Outback Bowl, reflect on the year now behind us, explain why we're rooting for or against today's combatants, and generally enjoy the final day of 2011 in one another's company. If this thread gets too long, we'll open up a new one and announce in this one that we're moving. In the meantime, have at it, Bulldog Nation!

Go 'Dawgs!