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Friday Morning Dawg Bites: Nearing Our Fill of 2011

ATLANTA, GA - NOVEMBER 26: Art on multiple levels (Photo by Scott Cunningham/Getty Images)
ATLANTA, GA - NOVEMBER 26: Art on multiple levels (Photo by Scott Cunningham/Getty Images)
Getty Images

Well, friends, 2011 is fading fast, but we're getting to the best bowl games. Be sure to check out our thoughts on the remaining games in the "Don't Bet On It" series here and here. In the meantime, as we wait to see if Paul Johnson continues his fine post-season tradition when the Yellow Jackets meet the Utes tomorrow afternoon, let's make sure not to waste any of this year's news. Have a taste of some of these morsels and offer your own in the comments.

  • In case you haven't gotten enough of Jarvis Jones's insisting he'll be back next year (I know I haven't), Chris White of the ABH has you covered.
  • The Tampa Tribune, in a story that's local for the folks in Hillsborough County on both the player feature and bowl game fronts, talks with Aaron Murray about an ambitious checklist of goals.
  • It's always good when one of our own shines at the next level. A.J. Green has been voted to the Pro Bowl. This ABH piece points out that Green's rookie stats put him in some noteworthy company. Other Dawgs getting the all-star nod are Richard Seymour and (at this point can we go ahead and start saying "future Hall-of-Famer"?) Champ Bailey.
  • Don't forget: men's roundball this afternoon against Delaware State. It won't be televised, but check back here at Dawg Sports for discussion.
  • A blue chip Bama commit from beautiful and scenic Troup County, Georgia, still has Athens on his mind. I'm not expecting him to change his mind, but if he were to decommit from Alabama and sign with UGA, we and the recruit would get a taste of the kind of PAAAAWWWLLLLian vitriol that typically is reserved for the Bammer-Barner front. And I'd laugh and laugh.
  • Under an excellent headline, our colleague at blog (and bar), The Senator, again shows off one of his skills I most admire: poking holes in and fun at illogical pro-playoff arguments. I tell you: it'd be a difficult task to find myself in multi-party litigation with Blutarsky, our own T. Kyle King, and the other legal professionals here in the Dawg Sports community, but when it came time to submit briefs, that would be one enormously lucky judge.

Finally, I offer a sincere nod of appreciation to the staff and regular visitors and commenters here at Dawg Sports. It's been a crazy year, both for us UGA lovers and for me, personally. I'm grateful for the opportunity to commune with like-minded folks from far and near.


Good night and farewell, 2011.