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On my mark, unleash hell: the venting thread

First things first, no trolling and no inflammatory language, including cursing. You win with class; you lose with class. LSU is a great team, and had a great second half, but losing still sucks. Keep things relatively clean.

Hate Bobo? Speak your mind.

Think Crowell needs to go? Tell us all about it.

Want a special teams coach? Go ahead and say how we add one with the limits on coaches.

Think we got manhandled by a bigger, stronger, faster team? Preach for P90x to take over S&C.

Hate the dropped passes? Give 'em the glue.

Don't like frosted tip hair? Me neither.

Think Gary and Verne need to retire, or be euthanized? You won't get many disagreements.

Think this is all because LSU oversigns, and oversigning is wrong? Set you inner Rangers free.

This is your venting thread for all the negativity of looking great for 20 minutes before falling flat on the big stage. But to repeat, no f* bombs. No derogatory and extremely inflammatory stuff. No trolling. Keep it somewhat clean.

We're just as mad as you are, and breaking out a ban hammer without warning will happen if you cross the line.