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Friday Morning Dawg Bites, 12-23-11.

We received this disturbing communique at the Dawg Sports office in scenic Chula late yesterday afternoon in an envelope listing the sender as "The Bammer Liberation Front." Please think of the animals, Commissioner Slive.

Before you head over the river and through the woods to grandmother's house, down the chimney, out to steal all the Who gifts in Whoville, or wherever else you may be going this morning, let's take a look at what's going on in college athletics:

  • SEC schedule watch 2012 continues unabated. I'm warning you now, SEC bosses: if this crisis goes on for much longer I cannot guarantee that Kyle won't go rogue and launch his own schedule proposal. And you don't want that. Because it will be logically cohesive and logistically feasible and Heaven knows that's not what you guys are after.
  • Paul Westerdawg has heard the same rumors we have regarding the South Carolina game moving to October, the ones that are throwing a certain segment of South Carolina fans into spasms of perceived conference-governance inadequacy (which is a nice break from their historic spasms of actual gridiron inadequacy). Another ghost schedule going around has Ole Miss coming to Athens in week 10 rather than Alabama. I think the schedule PWD posted is probably dead on with that week 10 SEC West opponent being the only moving part which is in fact still moving. Prior to expansion Georgia was scheduled to go to Tuscaloosa in 2012. If we exchange that for playing Hugh Freeze's Ole Miss squad in Athens, I expect every other team in the SEC East to be heartily displeased. If Bama's the week 10 opponent, then starting in Jacksonville that's a grind to end the season.
  • The excellent Blitzology blog has a look at how the corner blitz has been used to "kill" the Wildcat formation. I won't go too far into the X's and O's (that's what the link's for), but in essence it's the same issue we've discussed on this site in the past: if your "Wildcat" quarterback isn't a threat to make sound decisions about throwing the ball and then execute the throws, you're really just direct snapping to a running back and every defensive coordinator on Earth knows this. And once they know this, it's game over. By the way, I recommend Blitzology as regular reading if you want to learn about defensive football strategy and technique.
  • Marc Weiszer has a quick look back at Mike Bobo's performance in the 1998 Outback Bowl and how Georgia's 2011 offensive statistics stack up in the SEC record books. I'll always have fond memories of that Outback Bowl. It's easy to forget that 13 years ago there was a lot of college football on television, but no DVR and no ESPN 3. So many Georgia fans knew little about Wisconsin except that they featured Heisman Trophy winner Ron Dayne and were favored over Jim Donnan's Bulldogs. But it was clear from the beginning that Mike Bobo was in the kind of zone that many signalcallers can go their entire playing career without reaching. When you get right down to it, hitting 19 passes in a row and 26 out of 28 is just flipping insane. It's still among the most amazing individual efforts I've ever seen from a Bulldog. It's also safe to say that was the apex of the Donnan era.
  • Finally, if you haven't already found it, Pro Dawgs is a great new blog that focuses on former Georgia players in the NFL, NBA, MLB and beyond. Kyle and I have both acknowledged that we have a hard time keeping up with 'Dawgs who move on to the pros, so having someone else focused on that is pretty cool. Check it out.
  • That's all for now. Here's wishing you and yours a very merry Christmas. Until later . . .

    Go 'Dawgs!!!