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Dawg Gone Podcast Show 37 is ready and pays tribute to the one and only, Larry Munson

Hello kids. There's no need for a fancy intro, or waxing any Dawg Poetic about this show. This show is entirely dedicated to the one and only, Larry Munson.

In this show, we have three new Munson Mixes for you, as the best way I know to pay tribute to Larry is to make those mixes. We also have snippets of Verron Haynes, Tony Barnhart, and our very own Kyle King paying their own tributes to Larry.

The three Munson Mixes each have their own feel to them. The first is what I call "Cocktail Party Rock Anthem" and is a mashup of the most famous of Larry's call, "Run Lindsay."

The second Munson Mix is about the 2002 SEC Championship team and is set to Foo Fighters' The Pretender. That team never gave up and never surrendered, which is the theme to that song as well.

The last Munson Mix has quickly become one of my favorites out of all that I have done. Keeping with the Foo Fighters, this one is set to Times Like These and is a collection of my own personal favorite Munson calls from his entire career.

At the very end of the show, you'll get exactly 1:17 of radio silence, which is the length of the "Run Lindsay" call, and is the best way I personally know to pay tribute to him, as there will be another one like him.

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Until next time kids.

Be safe.

...and Rest In Peace, Larry.