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Friday Morning Dawg Bites: We're Closing In On It Edition

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Happy SEC Conference Championship Game Eve, everyone. It's December, there's a chill in the air, and the faint hint of a corn dog front that I detected earlier this week has become unmistakeable in Atlanta. If you've fallen behind in getting Too Much Information about the Bayou Bengals, no worries: T. Kyle King can hook you up with TMI One and TMI Two (check back for TMI Three later). And don't forget to get your drink on, brush up on your Pelican State knowledge, and dream big.

But we can't possible cover all the details here at Dawg Sports, so we are pleased to point you in a few directions so you can get your Friday fill of UGA news.

Our friends at SB Nation's SEC Blog, Team Speed Kills, reminds you that the SEC Championship game is not a mere formality for LSU, but still predicts a score in the Tigers' favor that's eerily similar to the last two times these Dawgs and cats met for the conference crown, in which games the programs are 1-1.
  • Our distinguished friend the gentleman from Get The Picture has an apt take on UGA President Michael Adams's remarks about whether Coach Mark Richt has done enough to hang around after the season.
  • The always reliable Seth Emerson gives us some details on the offensive line's performance this season, and his colleague Mike Lough writes about Mike Gilliard, one of this season's most pleasant surprises.
  • How cool is this?
  • Our Dawgs get a little attention from the Gray Lady.
  • Mark Bradley offers his interpretation of how Munson might have handled tomorrow's game.
  • Football's not the only thing going on in the world, though. The Gym Dogs are tapped with a preseason No. 9 ranking; the men's basketball team hosts the Cincinnati Bearcats in the SEC-Big East Challenge tonight at 7:02 p.m. on ESPNU (and you can watch with all your friends here in tonight's live comment thread); and Hall of Fame Coach Jack Bauerle and the UGA swimming and diving teams host an impressive slate this weekend for the Georgia Invitational.
  • Chat about these stories and share your own linky finds in the comments.

    Happy Friday, and GO DAWGS!