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Monday morning Dawg Bites: Final-Christmas-shopping-week edition

Good morning, Dawg fans! If you're anything like me, you have relied on your wife to purchase all of the Christmas gifts for everyone in your family, including herself put off all of your Christmas shopping 'til the last minute, so I hope this edition of Dawg Bites will help you as you begin your procrastination-fueled dash to the stores this week.

The following gifts are solely needed by the following people:

(VERY IMPORTANT DISCLAIMER: Don't even think about actually buying any of these or any other gifts for the named student-athletes. There are eligibility-reducing consequences that might cause a certain Air Force pilot to subsequently fly over your house and "accidentally" drop a lethal neurotoxin all over your ass.)

Also, you will not find Kyle's name listed below. He's already gotten his Christmas present.

  • A clue: For Aaron Murray and Bacarri Rambo, who are draft-eligible and submitted their names to the NFL Draft Advisory Board for an evaluation of where they might potentially be drafted. Murray at least acknowledged that he wasn't ready yet, but Rambo seems to be seriously considering his options. Rambo led the SEC in interceptions and was selected as an All-American this year, which is no small honor, but there's also no question in my mind that he would benefit from an additional year of development (and separation from Willie Martinez) in Todd Grantham's system.
  • A hand-engraved thank you note with a huge lipstick imprint on it (and with whipped cream and a cherry on top): To Jarvis Jones, who did not submit his name to the Draft Advisory board and reiterated that he was absolutely, positively planning on staying at Georgia for another year. There have been many impact players on defense this year, but none have been more visible than Jones. He absolutely has the talent and the development level to bolt for the draft early, but the fact that he's staying means that we have a chance to be just as special next year on defense as we were this year.
  • A "fare-thee-well" note: To Orson Charles, who is basically just saying the right things until after the Outback Bowl, at which time he will declare early for the NFL Draft. And I don't blame him any more than I would have blamed Jarvis Jones for leaving (which is to say not at all). Orson has the tools and is ready right now to play for an NFL team, and nobody can blame him for cashing in while his stock is about as high as it can get. (Personally, he will always be one of my favorite Bulldogs, just for the feats performed by his derriere.)
  • A huge round of applause: To Isaiah Crowell, who is at least publicly saying some of the things we all have been hoping to hear him say about his recent (perceived lack of) performance on the field.
  • A Whitman's Sampler and note of sympathy: To Brandon Coutu. The former Georgia placekicker and DGD was released by the Jacksonville Jaguars yesterday. I'll never understand why some kickers make it in the NFL and some don't, but Coutu certainly seemed to have the tools to be a great NFL guy during his college days. Beat of luck to Brandon in the future.
  • A "Landers Ladies" t-shirt: For your favorite Bulldog basketball fan. The Lady Dogs return to the court in Las Vegas tonight after the customary Finals break. They will be playing the Gonzaga Bulldogs at the Las Vegas Holiday Hoops Classic. Good luck, ladies!
  • A pressure relief valve for Jay Clark: The Gym Dogs hosted their annual "sneak peek" meet over the weekend, and no Georgia athletics head coach currently occupies a seat any hotter than Jay Clark. The longtime assistant to Suzanne Yoculan has, in just two short years, turned the Georgia gymnastics program from the unquestioned leader in the sport to a mediocre also-ran that hasn't even made the Super Six during his head coaching tenure. For his sake and that of our program, I hope the Gym Dogs return to their rightful spot at the top (or, at least, on the top 6 rungs of the ladder) this year.

Well, that should be enough to get your day started! I hope everyone has a great Monday, a great holiday season, and...

Go Dawgs!