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Monday Morning Dawg Bites - "Which Way Did He Go, George?" Edition

Good Morning, Dawg People. This Monday morning, you may find yourself with little motivation. Sure, last Monday after the SEC Championship game was slow, but there were still college football games to be played (Army-Navy) and trophies to be awarded (Thank you, RGIII, for sparing me from having to hear about three consecutive Heisman trophy winners from the state of Alabama. You've outdone yourself.). This Monday, though, we're finished. As quickly as college football season came upon us in September, he's left us in mid-December to wander alone in the frozen tundra that is the time between conference championship games and bowl games. College football is flaky like that, but we can thank our lucky stars that our team was relevant throughout the season and enjoyed the experience of playing in a championship game, unlike some others we could name (see how I included the Aggies in that? Take that, you rumor mongering ninnies). It's times like these, when I find myself wondering where football season went and what I'll do to replace it, where I'm reminded of the line from the "Of Fox and Hounds" Looney Tunes bit. You know, this line:

Any way, on to the links after the jump...

First, that video leads me to the next bit. If George were going to answer our inquisitive pal in the video, he'd probably tell him that the man went to Stegeman Coliseum to watch Fox's Hounds (see how I did that?) play roundball. This Saturday, the dribblers will take on the USC Trojans in L.A. Here's to hoping those boys can right the ship against a mediocre Southern Cal squad and build some momentum...because right now, it's hard to watch.

Over at Get The Picture, it seems Senator Blutarsky is having trouble in the doldrums of the season as well, and put up a nice link to an old Stones show. Please sir, may I have some more?

Seth Emerson has a good Q&A with Greg McGarity, in which SEC schedules are discussed. Without giving too much information, if you're a nine game schedule proponent, it's not looking too promising.

Here's a nice recruiting update on some of the Dawgs' top targets, including Juwaan Williams of Tucker. Yeah, I typed that out just because I like typing the name Juwaan.

Finally, here's a nice little video of UGA RB recruit Mike Davis. This is James Davis's little brother (of Clempson fame) and would make a nice complement to Keith Marshall in this recruiting class. Added bonus: Waka Flocka Flame beat in the background and screaching tires sound effects...please can we bring this to Sanford if he commits? Enjoy, and as always...

Go Dawgs!