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Wednesday Morning Dawg Bites: "Muschamp, take the wheel" Edition

Good morning, my little pretties. The title of today's Dawg Bites has very little to do with actually wanting a driver whose temper could make him snap at any moment, flash back to his childhood, and play bumper cars in real life with your vehicle, and more to do with the pressures of what it means to be in the driver's seat. 

You see, all this week, the only thing I can think of is how it's all up to us to win out and go to the SEC Championship, and if it doesn't happen, then we'll have no one to blame but ourselves. While that still may be true, I still want South Carolina to lose one more game this weekend, just so we can get this thing wrapped up in this game if possible. So, Will Muschamp, you miserable little lunatic, do the world a favor and take the wheel this weekend. 

Let's hit up some links after the jump:

The guy catches a lot of grief for his mom, the fact that his team can't win a game against anyone that's not from a directional college, and because his players are so dumb they need to be taught the proper way to shower, but man I really love hearing Derek Dooley tell a story.

Aron White gives Dawgs 24/7's Gentry Estes his thoughts on Missouri joining the SEC. Brings a whole new perspective to the thought process of those who don't get to see SEC football on a regular basis.

The Blawg House takes a look at how Auburn Offense Coordinator Gus Malzahn, who is credited with being the inventor of the modern day "Wildcat" formation, did a whole lot less "inventing" and a whole lot more "stealing" from, you guessed it, a Georgia man by the name of Glenn "Pop" Warner.

Bernie gives us a little extra motivation for this week by channeling his inner "Best Defensive Coordinator in the History of Football." Pardon me, I need a band-aid for my forehead now.

The guys over at Hedges to Hardwood have been following UGA Basketball recruiting closely, and even though it appeared UGA was going to lose prize recruit Shaq Goodwin to Memphis, the guys give us some rays of hope that it ain't over yet.

For a little early morning humor regarding the college football landscape and why King Miles has a certain ring to it, give Doug Gillett's most recent column a read.

Finally, since Early Cuyler is the unofficial official mascot of blatant homerism (in my opinion only, of course), I present to you another clip where Early demonstrates how a real Dawg fan names his children:



Until next time kids.

Be safe.