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College Football BlogPoll Ballot (Week Ten): Well, We're Clear on No. 1, Anyway. . . .

It’s Hate Week. Yeah, yeah, yeah, for some of you, Hate Week was two weeks ago, but, for me, Hate Week is reserved for the team we’ve been playing the longest, the team we’ve played the most often, and the team that has beaten us more often than any other. I understand why some of you reserve your greatest hatred for the orange-and-blue-clad rival who has been in a thorn in our side since the early 1990s, but my highest disdain is reserved for the orange-and-blue-clad rival who has been a thorn in our side since the early 1890s.

Consequently, I have a lot on my plate this week, so I’m going to be a tad slack on this week’s BlogPoll ballot. Rather than starting with a clean white piece of paper, I took last week’s top 25 and moved teams according to how they fared. I’ll put forth more effort next week, but, this week, hating Auburn is job one, so my ballot looks like this:

Louisiana State is No. 1 because duh! I considered leaving ‘Bama at No. 2, but I slipped the Tide below Oklahoma State because the Pokes beat a solid Kansas State team. The Hogs and the Jungaleers swapped spots, since Clemson was idle and Arkansas beat South Carolina.

The Cornhuskers dropped after losing to Northwestern, and the Spartans slipped slightly after a narrow win over woeful Minnesota, which allowed the Nittany Lions, the Hokies, and the Yellow Jackets to inch up in the rankings. The Wildcats stayed put at No. 12 on the strength of their narrow loss in Stillwater, and the Gamecocks remained at No. 17 following their setback in Fayetteville, though the latter was due mostly to the loss by Michigan that, together with defeats sustained by the Sun Devils and the Aggies, permitted Houston, Texas, Wisconsin, Southern California, and Georgia to advance.

The Plainsmen and the Hawkeyes slipped in as the nation’s top three-loss teams, and the Bearcats made the top 25 because, at some point, a 7-1 record in an automatically-qualifying BCS conference entitles a team to a ranking, I guess. The Southern Miss. Golden Eagles and the TCU Horned Frogs are knocking on the door.

That’s the short version, about which your understanding is appreciated. As always, your feedback is welcome.

Go ‘Dawgs! Auburna delenda est!