All Chapters Must Close

After much consideration, and a heavy heart, I have decided my time at Dawg Sports, which I far and away have considered good, has run its course.  I will miss the insights and comical relief of Vineyarddawg and Redcrake, the musical and mixological (it must be a word!)  influences of MaconDawg, and the inspirational musings of TKK.  The rank-and-file commenters, like Cherokee's Grip and Munson's_Marbles, are wonderful contributors to DS.  Additional special shout outs go out to:  Podunkdawg, DavetheDawg, Tankertoad, NCT, and TQCOA.  I have learned and/or relearned so much from y'all!


Thank you all for making a displaced Dawg feel at home.  I know I'm forgetting some of the DGDs on Dawg Sports, and for this forgive me, you're all family to me.  GO DAWGS!

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