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Friday Morning Dawg Bites: So Are There Any Good Games This Weekend?

Linkity link link, linkity link link, the Aggies are on their way. In the interim here's all the news that's fit to link in Bulldog Nation:

  • The Anti-Orange page has your 2011 UGA/UF scoreboard picture suitable for framing. My goal for this series by the way is to win enough games against Florida that the novelty wears off, so that winning an ugly 24-20 scrum is not cause for jubilation. But for nor now I've got to figure out what color matting to use.
  • How bad is Georgia's offensive line depth after losing Dallas Lee on Saturday? Testing out Ben Jones at guard bad. When you're moving 4 year starting centers around just to get 5 healthy bodies up front, it's bad. No word yet on Twoey Hosch's triumphant return to fill in at left tackle.
  • Basketball season begins tonight and the Red and Black is on top of it, with news that Coach Fox may be playing a more uptempo style this season to account for a lack of frontcourt experience (and a plethora of guards) and the Head Hoop Dawg's thoughts on the SEC's new nondivisional alignment in basketball.
  • Though it's pro football related, Chris Brown at Smart Football looks at the difficult task Pro Football Hall of Fame voters have (and will continue to have) in evaluating wide receivers. With the way the game has changed in the past 20 years it is quite the dilemma. I think they should ignore said dilemma and instead get down to the business of enshrining pro football's all time leader in total yards, who for some reason has been left out of Canton.
  • And finally, I think I heard something about a pretty big game going on in the SEC West this weekend. If you're curious about it there's no lack of coverage, including: How and when did Jarret Lee become a competent quarterback? Trent Richardson is better than Mark Ingram . . . discuss. Is there a protein source that's off limits for gumbo utilization? Will Nick Saban eventually outshine The Bear in the 'Bama record books? 'Cause that would be pretty badass. Until later . . .

Go 'Dawgs!!!