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Wednesday Morning Dawg Bites: Can't Wipe the Smile Off My Face Edition

Good morning, my little pretties (and your little dog, too).

Seriously, is there anything better than thinking fondly of your team's accomplishments at the end of the season? Of course, there's some regret about not showing up against Boise State, or shooting ourselves in the foot repeatedly against South Carolina, but I think you'd be hard pressed to find anyone who's a true Dawg fan that's not happy with 10 straight wins. Oh, and did I mention that those wins include Florida, Tennessee, Auburn, and Georgia Tech? Honestly, it's a good day to be a Dawg.

Let's get you some links. They'll be after the jump, so don't be scared...take the plunge.

We start today off with a nice article from Paul Westerdawg at the Georgia Sports Blog about his three beefs with Mark Richt. Read that, look at this past season, and tell me you don't feel like this staff and team overcame a lot to get where they are now.

The Good Senator's posts about our defensive statistics have been great to see as the year has progressed, but I really like this post, which chronicles the strides they've made as the season has gone along. It's impressive to win in the fourth quarter. It's REALLY impressive to win in the last three quarters...of the season.

Groo over at Dawgs Online links up the Redcoats' tribute to Larry Munson from this past Saturday. Pay no attention to the idiots at Georgia Tech that constantly boo and chant during the thing. They don't know any better, as they have never been out of their mom's basement until this past Saturday.

Gentry Estes over at Dawgs247 has had this ongoing segment all season called "Morning Coffee" and it's become one of my favorites to check out as I start my day. Tuesday's offering compared the unit rankings they compiled from last May versus where those units are today in their eyes. It's a great read and really illustrates how much this team has grown, and where.

SB Nation's own Jason Kirk has a short piece about former UGA Quarterback Zach Mettenberger and how things have come full circle for him. It's one of the less talked about items this week, but one has to wonder how much Zach's presence on the Tigers' team helps LSU's preparation.

Of course, Saturday's not the last day of football for the Dawgs as they'll still have a bowl game to attend. This piece from SB Nation details the latest bowl projections and has Georgia in the Cotton Bowl. In the past decade, the Cotton Bowl has only picked an SEC East team once, which was Tennessee in 2005. So forgive me if I don't see UGA playing in that game. I really do think we'll either be in New Orleans or Florida come January. Let's hope for the former.

With the recent hire of Urban Meyer (see what I did there?) at Ohio State, I'd be remiss to not post this excellent fan shot from Every Day Should Be Saturday of Urban Meyer rocking the sex-stache. Don't let your significant others look at it, as they will become pregnant instantly and give birth to babies who point, stare, and believe that everything is a "bad deal."

Finally, I'm sure this has been posted numerous times all over the internet, as well as this site, but I've got too much love for Georgia (the state) to see our citizens suffer like this. Please, watch the video below and Help Georgia Tech.

Until next time kids.

Be safe.